Oh Shit Kit

Oh Shit Kit

“What’s in your Bag?” is a popular hashtag for bloggers and instagrammers. It’s fun to see someone else’s junk organized neatly. Some of them are cool, but some of them I’m like, “I have a feeling you don’t always carry macaroons and a 1994 Game Boy in your purse.” Obviously, your lifestyle and destination will determine what’s in your bag. For me, it’s all about thinking ahead and avoiding easy mistakes/discomforts.  After tossing out gum wrappers and wadded-up receipts, it’s time to present my version of “What’s in your Bag?” : What’s in your Oh Shit Kit. This kit has been carefully curated to provide minimal stress in sticky situations and increase safety on the road. No fake stuff thrown in here to impress you.  Whether you’re on foot, in a bus, or riding on 2 wheels…having your own Oh Shit Kit will make life better, especially if you find yourself uttering those 2 ugly words.

Doesn’t this girl look like she could be checking her Twitter or picking at her gel nails?

A girl on a scooter, New York City, 1965 – photograph by Joel Meyerowitz

A girl on a scooter, New York City, 1965 – photograph by Joel Meyerowitz

Here is what’s in my Oh Shit Kit; for a girl on a scooter.

#1 item: Your Brain =  this is important. don’t leave this at the bar or at home. be alert and prepared.

Mental Checklist:

  • Weather – check the weather before you leave. plan accordingly. here’s a few of my favorite free weather apps: Wunderground (best extended forecast) The Weather Channel App (best radar) Accuweather (best notices for upcoming weather, example “Rain will start in 25 minutes.”)
  • Gas – avoid a rookie mistake and always make sure you have gas before going out. if you ride a shifty, don’t forget the oil!
  • Gear – i never leave home without a helmet and gloves, at least. a jacket and good shoes are also a necessity. no sandals!
  • Route – use Google Maps or Waze to plan your route, anticipate traffic and construction, re-route if needed.
  • Lights – plan to make it home before dark if your lights are dim or out. carry extra fuses.
  • Tires – check your tires before you leave.
  • Blinkers –  make sure they work if you have em. if your blinkers go out, know the proper hand signals.
  • Tools – air pressure gauge, screwdrivers, wrench, flash light or neon to be seen at night

Keys – scooter key, house key, work badge…bring em!

Hair Ties – windblown locks are demonic. always carry an extra hair tie. thank me later. (my current favorite hair tie… strong and reflective! double duty!)

Gloves – slow down, callous. wear gloves for comfort and safety. (don’t you just love these gloves?)

Chapstick/Lipgloss – consider one with SPF. (my current favorite is Jack Black – Intense Lip Therapy.)

Zip Ties – carry at least 2. they have saved me two towing sessions.

ID/Insurance Card/Emergency Contact Info Card – just in case.

First Aide – alcohol wipes, band-aides, Neosporin, aspirin, nail file, etc

Mobile Phone – make sure it’s charged! (used it to take the picture)

Extras – skin care and beauty samples like perfume are great to include in your kit. mini- anything! a good luck charm. a reusable shopping bag. water bottle. a snack. bank card.

Leave a comment and tell me what you keep in your Oh Shit Kit. What items have saved your day?


One thought on “Oh Shit Kit

  1. Blair, This is written very well & funny!!! I love you so very much. Mark & I both enjoyed your short visit this evening. Good luck tomorrow; hope it doesn’t hurt too much. You are a great writer….. keep it up Sweetie.

    I miss Peaches! Mum

    *~ Belinda* ~

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