RiRi Hearts MAC

RiRi Hearts MAC

Rihanna is hot. She dominates important territory: music, beauty, and fashion. In her latest video for “Pour It Up,” she is drenched in Chanel and sporting magenta eyebrows. I’ll blog about that later.

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall collection was beautifully muted. I especially loved the rose gold package design. Most items sold out on the first day, so I missed my chance to buy the RiRi ♥s MAC Lipstick in Nude. It’s definitely the star of the collection. Described as a “cool, nude tone with matte finish,” it has a grey, rosy quality.


I tried to experiment with eyebrow pencils and rose colored lipstick to achieve something similar. MAC’s Stone Lip Pencil is the secret to copying the Nude lipstick, if you missed the chance to buy  it like me.


 After you have this ashy, grey/brown base color, you need something nude and creamier on top. To get as close as possible to the color of RiRi Hearts MAC Nude, I used MAC Viva Glam II Lipstick.


TA -DA! My first Dupe!


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