always blush…even when you bronze

always blush…even when you bronze


Don’t pinch, it will cause busted capilaries. We all love the way blush makes us look awake and healthy. But depending on the placement of your rouge, you might be looking sick or overly cute. Cream, gel, powder, stain, balm, shimmer, matte.. I love them all and lately my favorite is Bobbi Brown in Pale Pink #9bobbiblush

Where do you put your blusher? On the apple of your cheek? On your temples? Do you use it at all? There are tons of “How To Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape” pictorials on the net, but there is no right or wrong way. Blush should make you look lively and if your current method doesn’t, try using your blush in a different way. Here are some fun one’s:

The Gyaru Girl Sunburn:

[sometimes known as the Lolita look]

Use a smaller sized brush to apply a soft, bright pink or coral blush to the outer corner of your eyes and connect it with the uppermost section of your cheeckbone. Sweep the color  towards your nose.


Careful not to look like you have a zombie flu…sickblush


The Winter Doll:

[for a flushed, slightly feverish look]

Keeping the color low and to the front of the face will help you achieve this wind-burnt look.


Had to remember this scene:dropdeadgorg

The Glazed Blusher:

[for a soft, dewy look]

Try a hydrating facial mist like MAC’s Fix + or dab a little of Josie Maran’s Argon Infinity Oil on the highest point of your cheekbone. Or fake the glaze with a luminizing highlight powder like Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick. Using a fan brush, sweep it on top of your blush at the highest point of your cheekbone. A little on your nose and cupid’s bow to turn up the “moisture.”


The goal is dewy, not shiny:


The Bronzed Beauty:

[for a golden glow]

Put away the pinks and bust out the bronzer for this look. Use a contouring brush or medium sized angle brush to define the depths of your cheekbones. Lessen the orange, if possible, and no sparkles. Dust a little on your temples and up onto your forehead, above the brows.


Try not to go overboard:


Heart Shaped Blush:

[just for cutesy fun]



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